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A silent rave is where a ton of people gather somewhere and listen to their headphones and dance.

On going NYC,
on Urban Dictionary,
on Brooklyn Vegan,
on the New York Times.

As far as I know, a good deal of the organizing for the NYC Silent Rave is done through a Facebook group. This is successful as Facebook groups (like web widgets, or Facebook apps) can be totally parasitic.

From the group description:

“These events have been springing up all over Europe for the last few years, and it is a true shame that New York hasn’t had something of the same scale.

A Silent Rave, or Mobile Club, or Silent Disco is a simple concept. Hundreds, hopefully thousands, of people from any background of life turn up in a public place at a pre-arranged time, turn on their iPods and dance freely to whatever music they choose to listen to!”


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