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Remote Projection: To install an art work into a gallery or other institution by projecting it using a projector and series of lenses to refocus the projection from a adjacent tree or building through a window.

GPS Painting: To create a application that tracks your movements through a gps (iphone or otherwise) and builds up a virtual painting based on those movements, in this way the surface of the earth would become a virtual canvas with people competing for space. Your movements a routes home could be affected by aesthetics of the piece you were creating.

Re Release: Pick a recent song or Movie, re cut re mix or completely re do, then re release on p2p networks leverage the advertising of original.
This might be done with a movie like George Romero’s Diary of the dead (Zombie movie) , that plays with the notion of reality using a Blair witch type format and does not appear to hire people that can act or employ many special effects. I’m sure that if someone else with a handycam and some fake blood was to release a movie under the same name it could happily be passed of a the “real” movie.


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