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1. I support Greg’s remix movie/song idea, here’s an example. We can totally do that and have each one of us make a trailer/movie in parts (pt1, pt2, pt3), and  upload the movie to Youtube under different accounts. This also fits well, conceptually, with Lindsey’s proposal of a collective live production and distribution. The only problem though is that it will take  a lot of time to even make a 30 second video, and consider the this to be a short project and the imminent pressure of class projects…  Perhaps we can reconsider it to be a semester long effort; an epic collective Youtube remix epic (an exquisite corpse in electronic form). Let’s talk about it in class. 

2. Okay, so this is meant to be a quickie to demonstrate the basic concept of community, in other words let’s do something fast and less serious. I propose each one of us either download World of Warcraft or burrow a friend’s computer with WOW on it, create a free account on the same server, pick a meeting time, perform a flash mob (i.e. do something stupid that is supposed to be inspirational), and post the documentations individually and give separate interpretations of the performance (make up a narrative).  It will be quick, fun, and hopefully non-addictive. Can I get a “Hallelujah” from Elise? Think about it, think about it hard!!!!!!!!!

Peace, one love.



  1. I like your example, it reminds me of this one here, The Shining re-cut as a romantic comedy.

    Do you mean a flash mod in WOW? I’d be up for something quick like that. We could also do something similar in the real world, have people seen Grand central station Frozen before? I’m not really sure how it would be subverting technology, but I’m sure we could think of a way.

  2. I would love to do that! It would be fast, easy, and trial accounts are free. There are role playing servers that encourage people to take on new personalities as their character instead of themselves, so it would be interesting if we all made level 1 characters of the same race and ran with that.

    If there are any other MMO’s that people think might be better to try this out on, I am open to that as well, but I think we could really do something neat with the game.

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