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I was thinking about combining WOW and re-editing movie trailer ideas.
We can create our interesting story and make it into a trailer by using WOW images.

From creating each characters(either all same or all different), we all can play with the characters.
We can capture all cool and funny scencs of hunting with super magics, buying and using items, clothing, or even performing a flash mob as much as we can. Based on the images, we can create an story and edit them to make it to a trailer.
BUT, the important thing is we can’t chat in the game, because we can put our own voices instead.
We can record our voices following the trailer…

As short part of the trailer, we can still keep the flash mob idea. I think it will be fun to perform a flash mob that cannot happen in the real world in the public like a strip show and see the reaction of other characters.


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