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This news article looks at how certain things on the internet, like anonymity, enable and promote anger and violence.  It’s interesting to look at how internet culture is different than real life culture.





  1. This is something I’ve commented on many times over the last two months. I have been banned from sites, such as Wake Up America, simply for voicing an opposing view. The first symptom of hate is a closed mind, and that’s how many of these blogs operate. The RED STATE blog is another example. They’re like a private club where the sole membership requirement is overt, almost juvenile hatred for Barack Obama. You are not permitted to contradict any of the disinformation that is spewed on these sites, or say anything that is close to being conciliatory. One can’t help but think that a lot of irrational behavior is driven by bigotry because there’s no other logical explanation for extreme emotionalism of the comments. Tomorrow night, John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to have to make their concession speeches and they owe an apology to every citizen of the United States for resorting to their incendiary, and deplorably dishonest campaign. The have no idea the kind of damage they’ve done to the psyche of this country.

  2. I was looking at the linked article from more of a cultural perspective, but I really appreciate your comment. I find it interesting how the internet shapes behavior, ideas, and expression. We’re quickly moving into an age where communities are composed entirely online, with web based social norms and expectations the likes of which can only be formed in an online environment. Unfortunately this can lead to a lot of flame wars and widely spread disinformation like you commented on, but it also can allow people to collect their thoughts and voice them coherently like I’m doing right now!

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