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I actually really like the title of this class:

Art Practice and the Digital Diaspora:
Migrants, Nomads, Transients, and Miscrients

So what does diaspora even mean?
Diaspora: “the movement, migration or scattering of people from their original homelands”

We are moving into a new age! The digital age.  Virtual reality is becoming REALITY.  What does that mean?  And I’m shitty with titles but I’ll give one anyways:

Art in the Metaverse

If you’ve read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, you’ll know what the Metaverse is:


^ PLEASE give that a look!




  1. I vote “METAVERSE”

  2. is there something that sounds as cool but isn’t a vague reference?

  3. i like METAVERSE it is somewhat mysterious and fits well in with the concept of this class.
    i agree that it is little vague but that can be a positive factor that brings people in

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