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I propose that each one of us bring ONE intimate and USED personal item such as a sweater,  a spoon, a pair of shoes,  a pair of jeans, a pair of socks, a comb, etc. Basically anything related to the body and somewhat unsettling. And we should tag the items with “Kurzweil” tags.



  1. I think that could be neat.

    Also, how would be set this up? A pile on the floor? In the corner? On a pedestal? Would the items be scattered around randomly in the whole space, like she left them there by accident? I vote for one of the last two.

    The tags would be very important for this…they would all have to match. I think you can get paper tags with tie strings at Michael’s or the sort. I’ll be heading there sometime in the next week or so, so I can pick those up if you want.


  2. We can have a lost and found box

  3. I like that idea! But then we might want to put things that belong to other people in it too.

  4. I went to Michael’s this weekend and since no one said anything against the tags I went and bought 40 of them. They’re plain white cardstock tags with white string attached. If we could have 40 items to be tagged that would be great.


  5. thanks elise

  6. What about a lost and found box and a bunch of photos above it?
    Or just several cardboard boxes of Alex’s junk.
    Someone make business cards with Alex’s website on it?

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