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“Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have devised the first computerized method that can analyze a single photograph and determine where in the world the image likely was taken. It’s a feat made possible by searching through millions of GPS-tagged images in the Flickr online photo collection. The IM2GPS algorithm developed by computer science graduate student James Hays and Alexei A. Efros, assistant professor of computer science and robotics, doesn’t attempt to scan a photo for location clues, such as types of clothing, the language on street signs, or specific types of vegetation, as a person might do. Rather, it analyzes the composition of the photo, notes how textures and colors are distributed and records the number and orientation of lines in the photo. It then searches Flickr for photos that are similar in appearance.”


Title: The Alex Kurzweil Project 

Dec 3 – Publication 

              Osman, Elise, Greg – Poster

              Rexy, Brenda – E-vite 

DEC 7 – Installation 

Dec 9 – SHOW 7:00 PM @ the Frame 

Dec 10 – Crit/take down 4:30 PM @ the Frame 

I nominate

1) Elise to write some witty description of the show using World of Warcraft language,

2) Greg for graphics,

3) Brenda for interpretive dance and song in a Youtube video,

4) and me (Rexy) for Flash e-cards.

I’ll start: 

1) Our Great Frame Show

2) User Interpretation 

3) Bits and Zips  

4) Alan’s Infinite Turing Machine 

5) The Real Virtual Smashups REDUX! 

6) A Real Digital Spectacle/Diaspora

7) Just Wiki Diaspora

I propose that each one of us bring ONE intimate and USED personal item such as a sweater,  a spoon, a pair of shoes,  a pair of jeans, a pair of socks, a comb, etc. Basically anything related to the body and somewhat unsettling. And we should tag the items with “Kurzweil” tags.

Guys!  I was trying to figure out how to graph things easily and I found this really cool program called graphviz.  You write in things you want to get mapped to each other and the program automatically links them together.  You can make them look very different.  I would upload my tiffs on here but they’re really big so I’ll just link the main site where I got the program and the page that shows what you can do with it.

You can read about graphviz here!

You can see what you can do with graphviz here!




BabyBook on Facebook

First ever HDD

This is your brain on the internet

– Lindsey


This is more about public art:
Grey Ghost Allegedly Issued Summons by NOPD for Criminal Damage
Fighting the Aerosol Nation
The Grey Ghost Is a Grey “Ghoul”