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BabyBook on Facebook

First ever HDD

This is your brain on the internet

– Lindsey


links to various processing example from class
Basic XML
Visualizer 1
Visualizer 2
Visualizer 3

Bluetooth Watch lets wearer examine and reject calls without digging one’s phone out of bag. Perfect for cutting down on those embarrassing in-class/meeting ring tone interruptions. Also helps you find phone in messy room.

– Lindsey


the relationship between the technology and privacy of people

virtual boyfriend

now all you need is to scan your fingerprint or eye

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Given the amount of time we have for this project, I agree with pretty much everyone that we should do something kinda small-scale and less serious.

I am also intrigued by WoW – from what Elise has told us, it seems like an interesting space for an alternate world in a digital sphere. A flash mob might not be very interesting with the few people we have in our class, but then again, I am not that familiar with WoW.

It almost seems too easy that our class in WoW would by default form a community – we all share similar (class-related) interest, we all meet in the same physical space twice per week, we are all students at CMU taking an art class, etc. Maybe it’d be interesting to try and plan something with another community in WoW.