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hi folks,

what time tomorrow Tuesday Sept 23 did we decide – so i can conference in…

Shall we say 10:00AM? also let me know the skype contact

talk to you tomorrow,


Hey Just a quick idea,

CMU was recently added to a slander / gossip site , It’s basically a a giant public bathroom wall where people write gossip about other people, who did what to who, who’s the biggest and the smallest etc . The scary thing is that it’s already very popular at CMU after only beeing up for about a week.

My idea is to somehow take adavantage of the fact that the system is anonoymous and very un moderated.

A few idea’s are:

All of us make up a story that we then let unfold through the service, we could all post different parts of the story or take on the roles of different fictional characters at CMU.

Create a website that allows people who disagree with the service to post generated comments or generative made up stories about fictional people and there for make the service pointless when you can’t tell whats real or fake.

Any other idea’s of what we could do here? It should be a quick place to do a project.