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  1. Art as Technique” by Victor Shklovsky
  2. Medium is the Message” by Marshall McLuhan
  3. One Place after Another: Notes on Site Specificity” by Miwon Kwon
  4. From “Relational Aesthetics” by Nicolas Bourriaud
  5. “Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics” by Claire Bishop


  1. David Hume, “Of Personal Identity” (from A Treatise of Human Nature, 1739)
  2. Media Representation
  3. Ethnicity in a Globalizing World: Borders, Boundaries, and Virtual Communities
  4. The Unbearable Whiteness of Being:African American Critical Theory and Cyberculture by Kali Tal
  5. Green Eggs and Ham – Dr Seus
  6. Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet – Lisa Nakamura
  7. Aspects of the self– Shirley Turkle
  8. Whom am we? – Shirley Turkle
  9. Personal Home Pages andthe Construction of Identities on the Web – Daniel Chandler
  10. Identity Production in a Networked Culture:Why Youth Heart MySpace – danah boyd

Place and Mapping

  1. Invisible Cities (excerpts) – Italo Calvino
  2. On Exactitude in Science – Jorge Louis Borges
  3. Cybercities – Boyer, M. Christine
  4. The theory of the derive – Guy Debord
  5. The Society of the Spectacle – Guy Debord
  6. The Recession of Simulacra – Jean Baudrillard
  7. Theory of Surveillance: The PANOPTICON – Michel Foucault
  8. Place: A Short Introduction (Short Introductions to Geography) – Tim Cresswell
  9. Center for Land Use Interpretation
  10. Mapping cyberspace (examples)
  1. From Virtual Reality to the Virtualization of Reality – Slavoj Zizek
  2. Principles of New Media – Lev Manovich
  3. City of Bits: Space Place and the Infobahn – William J Mitchell
  4. Ada – Sadie Plant
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