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“Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have devised the first computerized method that can analyze a single photograph and determine where in the world the image likely was taken. It’s a feat made possible by searching through millions of GPS-tagged images in the Flickr online photo collection. The IM2GPS algorithm developed by computer science graduate student James Hays and Alexei A. Efros, assistant professor of computer science and robotics, doesn’t attempt to scan a photo for location clues, such as types of clothing, the language on street signs, or specific types of vegetation, as a person might do. Rather, it analyzes the composition of the photo, notes how textures and colors are distributed and records the number and orientation of lines in the photo. It then searches Flickr for photos that are similar in appearance.”


Title: The Alex Kurzweil Project 

Dec 3 – Publication 

              Osman, Elise, Greg – Poster

              Rexy, Brenda – E-vite 

DEC 7 – Installation 

Dec 9 – SHOW 7:00 PM @ the Frame 

Dec 10 – Crit/take down 4:30 PM @ the Frame 

I actually really like the title of this class:

Art Practice and the Digital Diaspora:
Migrants, Nomads, Transients, and Miscrients

So what does diaspora even mean?
Diaspora: “the movement, migration or scattering of people from their original homelands”

We are moving into a new age! The digital age.  Virtual reality is becoming REALITY.  What does that mean?  And I’m shitty with titles but I’ll give one anyways:

Art in the Metaverse

If you’ve read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, you’ll know what the Metaverse is:


^ PLEASE give that a look!


I nominate

1) Elise to write some witty description of the show using World of Warcraft language,

2) Greg for graphics,

3) Brenda for interpretive dance and song in a Youtube video,

4) and me (Rexy) for Flash e-cards.

I’ll start: 

1) Our Great Frame Show

2) User Interpretation 

3) Bits and Zips  

4) Alan’s Infinite Turing Machine 

5) The Real Virtual Smashups REDUX! 

6) A Real Digital Spectacle/Diaspora

7) Just Wiki Diaspora

I propose that each one of us bring ONE intimate and USED personal item such as a sweater,  a spoon, a pair of shoes,  a pair of jeans, a pair of socks, a comb, etc. Basically anything related to the body and somewhat unsettling. And we should tag the items with “Kurzweil” tags.

Greg           2.97
Hye Jin        2.37
Seung Youn     2.33
Rexy           1.98
Alissa         1.77
Joo Hyun       1.75
Elise          1.5
Brenda         0
Lyndsey        0
Stephany       0
Riikka         N/A

Greg           2.95
Rexy           2.5
Hye Jin        2.47
Riikka         2.3
Elise          2.15
Joo Hyun       2.0
Seung Youn     1.85
Alissa         1.45
Brenda         0
Lyndsey        0
Stephany       0

View it


TeleGarden (1995-2004)- Ken Goldeberg

Demonstrate (2004) – Ken Goldberg

Teleporting An Unknown State (1994/96) – Eduardo Kac

A Hole in Space (1980)- Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz

Telematic Dreaming (1992) – Paul Sermon

Global Groove (1973) / Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984)- Nam June paik

Peoples’ Portrait (1994) – Zhang Ga

Remote (2008) – Usman Haque

Inter Discommunication Machine (1995) – Kazuhiko Hachiya

Access project (2006) – Marie Sester

Safe Zones 7 (2001) – Jonas Dahlberg

TV Buddha (1974) – Nam June Paik


Stock Market Skirt – Nacny Paterson

LISTENING POST (2003) – Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin

Invisible Shape of things Past (1995-2007) – Art+Com

Ride the Byte (1999) – ART+COM

Shapolsky et al. Manhattan Real Estate Holdings, A Real Time Social System, as of May 1, 1971 – Hans Haacke

MoMA Poll (1970) – Hans Haacke

They Rule (2004)- Josh On


Carnivore – RSG/Alex galloway

noTime (2001-2002)- Victoria Vesna

Vectorial Elevation (1999-2004) – rafael lozano-hemmer

News Map – Marcos Weskamp


Dialtones (A Telesymphony) (2001) – Golan Levin

Sky Ear (2004) -Usman Haque

Tavtical Sound garden – Mark Shepherd

Shoot me if you can (2006) – Taeyoon Choi

GPS Diary

GPS Drawing

GPS Hog (2007) – Jonah Brucker-Cohen

MILK (2005)- Esther Polak

Urban Atmospheres – Eric Paulous


Bump List – Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Michael Mandiberg – Real Costs – (firefox plugin – calculates co2 in flight searches)
Michael Mandiberg – Oil Standard (converts prices in oil barrels)

Adam Killer (2001) – Brody Condon – jodi


Web Art

Media Arts


This news article looks at how certain things on the internet, like anonymity, enable and promote anger and violence.  It’s interesting to look at how internet culture is different than real life culture.